Irish Harp Lessons and Ensemble


If you have always wanted to have harp music in your life, but found yourself stopped by the need to purchase an instrument, my private lesson/ harp ensemble option may be the answer. Students meet with me for two private 30 minute lessons (one per week), followed by a week of harp ensemble. Harp ensemble works much like a choir; different people have different parts to play, but you will have someone playing your same part as well. Plus, the sound of multiple harps playing together is really wonderful!

Class registration is ongoing, and the initial commitment is for 10 weeks of lessons and classes at $325 (music and harp rental both included).

Students will use a
Harpsicle Harp (the harp pictured above is their emerald green model), and ensemble classes will be limited to 4 students. Students will learn the basics of harp technique, and will work towards playing Irish, classical, and popular selections on their harps.

Students may start as young as 10, but this harp is also ideal for adults. No prior musical training is required!